The following three sections provide more information on the various documents, maps, and plans that are relevant to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan Update process.
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    You may view the 2006 Amador Countywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, which laid out an extensive list of proposed roadway and sidewalk improvements. Our focus for our new plan is to prioritize projects, Please view the 2006 proposal list and maps in Appendix D and provide us with feedback and comments on which projects from the 2006 plan you would still like to see in the updated plan by using the Contact Us page.
    2006 Amador Countywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan
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    Please add to our inventory of existing walking, running, and biking routes that you enjoy in the County that will be used to design local walking maps and brochures to promote walking, hiking, biking, and more activities in the county! Make sure to add this route to the Public Comment Map as well! This inventory is a joint effort between the Amador County TransportationCommission (ACTC), Amador Council of Tourism (ACT), and Amador County Recreation Agency (ACRA) to promote healthy and active lifestyles, tourism, and recreation in the local area.
    Active Amador Inventory
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    You may view the Draft Plan and proposed project list that identfy pedestrian and bicycle improvements for Amador County and the cities of Ione, Jackson, Sutter Creek, Amador City, and Plymouth. Several of these projects are major roadway improvements that are scheduled to be delivered over the next 10 years. These include the Pine Grove Improvement Corridor, and the Plymouth Safe Routes to School project.
    Draft 2017 Amador Countywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan
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    From September to December, 2016 a walking and biking survey was available for public input. It was advertised through website, facebook, community meetings, the newspaper, the radio, and through networks of local organizations and news channels. Read the survey results here. The questionnaire addressed the following issues: ● Purpose and preferences of walking and bicycling trips ● Barriers to walking and bicycling ● Locations that residents are currently walking and bicycling
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Survey Results
Public Comment Map
Active Amador Inventory
2006 Plan Appendix D
2006 Plan
2006-2016: What's been implemented?